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There’s a new mystery live now on Kickstarter and I’m excited to see this adventure come to fruition.  Growing up watching The Goonies and Indiana Jones, I’ve always been a huge fan of a treasure hunt.  Fortune and glory awaits!  The VOC Treasure puts you on the trail of the van Amstel family’s uncle.  An adventurer and treasure seeker who recently passed away.  Following clues and solving puzzles, you can help discover the mysteries of the Dutch East India Company’s lost voyage.   

Jachin Letwory is the creator of the project and he graciously answered a few questions I had for The VOC Treasure.  He told me that he is a teacher of both guitar and physical education in The Netherlands.  He has his own guitar school and likes to organize outdoor treasure hunts in his spare time.  The Dutch version of the game is already up and running and has raving reviews. 

JC: I am a big fan of mystery puzzle games and I always love seeing new and exciting mysteries to solve.  What made you decide that you wanted to create a mystery game?  

Jachin: Two years ago I had to organize a bachelor party for my best friend. Without any prior research I made an Jason Bourne/secret agent like scavenger hunt. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to make some more.

JC: Most of these games tend to be murder mysteries so it’s refreshing to see one that’s about a buried treasure.  What inspired you to create this story and what makes this box unique?

Jachin: I was thinking of some original ideas an treasure hunts came to my mind. I did some research and came across some inspiring treasure hunts like The Golden Owl.

During the same period I was doing some family tree research and in on of the online archives I found some old Books. In one of those books I read a line “a ship wrecked”. I knew it was from the Dutch East India Company (VOC) during the period of the pirates. I used this story as a bases for The VOC Treasure. Most used materials in the box I’ve found in the archives such as an original page from the ships log dating around 1709. So what I did is make the story and all the puzzles to make it an At Home Mystery.

JC: You mentioned that this story is based on a true events.  Is this a well-known legend from the Netherlands that a U.S. audience has not heard before?

Jachin: The story isn’t well known to both the Dutch as the U.S. audience. But that a good thing. otherwise they would know some of the answers beforehand.

JC: Kickstarter seems to be a popular place for many of these games to get a start.  What made you choose Kickstarter? 

Jachin: I choose Kickstarter because a lot of creative projects use this platform and other mystery games and books have used Kickstarter in a successful way.

JC: Thank you for your time and I wish you all the luck!

I for one am sold and was able to snag one of the early bird packages.  Check out the The VOC Treasure page on Kickstarter or their webpage to learn more and become a backer.  Don’t miss out on this great experience.

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